20+ years of industrial presence, in spite of stiff competition, speaks for itself about the quality of service and expertise in providing most suitable solution to client needs


20+ years of industrial presence

Samyak Infotech is Established in 1998. Perfection, Completeness and Wholeness is always in action & attitude at Samyak. This is the way of life and atmosphere, in which we are working. Samyak has started operations in the year 1987 as Process Control Instruments Manufacturing Company. With continuous development and foresight, Samyak ventured into IT solutions provider company, in the year 1998. Over 20+ years of industrial presence, in spite of stiff competition, speaks for itself about the quality of service and expertise in providing most suitable solution to client needs. The execution of government-funded projects by Samyak speaks for its trust and quality assurance at state and national level. From hardware to Software, Embedded solutions to ERP. Samyak has proved itself a trustworthy companion by accepting challenging roles and executing them successfully.

We’re the first to recognize that we’re hardly the only Software Developing company in this very competitive space. So, why do we believe we are the right option for you?


Result-oriented approach
Forget vanity metrics like Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, and inbound backlinks. While we may measure and report such metrics, our strategies are goal-driven. Our key metrics are sales, audience growth, and customer retention. We want to establish you as a trusted authority that consumers will recommend and keep coming back to. We accomplish this through smart positioning, testing, and innovation, rather than “best practices”, which we have found are often incorrect in this crowded industry we call “internet marketing.”
No long term contracts
We are and always will be results-driven people. If we don’t produce results, we don’t deserve your money. We see contracts as a way to lock people into payment arrangements past the point where they remain useful. Modern businesses are nimble and need to adapt their strategies on the fly. That is why we will never ask you to agree to anything more than a pay-as-you-go agreement.
Highly professional and well-trained team
We only hire the best writers, researchers, analysts, graphic designers, and outreach professionals to work for our team. Our well-paid professionals are trained and become well-versed in the science and art of digital marketing as they continue to work with us. Their skills are then honed and specialized to get the most value out of limited resources.
Proactive communication skills
Nobody knows your business better than you. While we can speak with authority on how to reach and capture an audience, we recognize that the key to successful marketing is branding. This is why we take a proactive role as listeners and communicators. We believe that the most effective marketing campaigns are collaborative. Your unique expertise and experience is what makes our work effective.
Quick turn-around
When we say we complete projects and satisfy commitments quickly, we mean we offer results as soon as possible, not just that we get our work done fast. We don’t “rush” through commitments and deliver them haphazardly. Instead, we focus on producing quality work that will earn you results faster than our competitors.
Competitive rates
We don’t sell “boilerplate” marketing packages. We work on a case-by-case basis. Needless to say, this means that we don’t have one-size-fits-all pricing plans. Even so, our clients are often surprised by the prices we reach an agreement on. We aren’t “bargain barrel” marketers, but our unique position in the marketplace allows us to charge lower rates than most of our peers.
Client-oriented work process
We don’t believe in “set it and forget it.” We may be professional marketers, but this is your business. We will work together with you to discover your unique position in the media marketplace, and design a campaign strategy that will separate you from the noise.
Consumers assign personalities to brands, and brands that have a scattered marketing strategy can often come across as hypocritical and unfocussed. We have chosen to approach digital marketing as a holistic practice for precisely this reason.

Content marketing doesn’t work particularly well if it isn’t an integrated part of your conversion rate optimization strategy, and search engine optimization is just as much about design as it is about building influential relationships.

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