Unmanned Weighbridge System

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Our unique Unmanned Weighbridge System literally translates the meaning of “Unmanned” by totally automating weighing operations around the clock. Samyak’s Unmanned Weighbridge System provides a much more organized workflow through automated systems giving vehicle drivers direct control while maintaining organizational efficiency through versatile tools like CCTV, Bar Code and Number Plate Recognition for a more secure environment.

The product’s core relies on RFID and UHF Tags given to each vehicle driver while the system guides them through the whole process through cameras, Loop Detection, Vehicle Positioning and more.

Benefits of an Unmanned Weighbridge System
Cost Reduction

Being an Unmanned System, there is no need for a physical operator, it shall be more like an automated terminal. As a result, you save on hiring as well as resource costs.

Reduced Truck TAT

By using automated guided systems with cameras and RFID detectors, the Turn Around Time of each truck is greatly reduced, thus improving efficiency.

Improved Data Management

Samyak’s Weighbridge system focuses on real-time data sharing and management with easy integration into cloud-based architecture like SAP, Oracle, ERP or SQL.

Increased Productivity

The Automation System drives on productivity by increasing dispatching accuracy, automating report handling and maintaining a secure and stable environment for the process

Features of our Unmanned Weighbridge System
  • Increasing the process of weighting speed per vehicle, thus achieving higher goals
  • Comprehensive System which provides Both Directions weighing facility
  • Automatic identification of driver, truck, trailer through tags
  • Real-Time confirmation alerts from the driver regarding weightage as displayed
  • Prefixing the weighbridge as per specific vehicles to decrease TAT
  • No Operator for this is required for managing the process
  • Multiple weighbridge integration and system support for faster delivery
  • Use of RFID Smart Card and UHF RFID Tag to fully automate the process
  • The RFID card is used by the vehicle Driver to take Tare weight and the Gross weight
  • Fully automated data transfer with easy integration into SAP, ERP, Oracle and SQL
  • Real-time vehicle position tracking and alerts on route deviations and overloading.
  • Automated data acquisition via parking, security gate, weigh-bridge.
  • Improved productivity, with transportation costs savings and an accelerated ROI
  • Efficiently managing receipts and dispatch of goods/material.
  • Increase visibility, safety, security, asset utilization.
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