Terminal Automation System

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Our custom Terminal Automation system provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring, controlling and efficient product handling while integrating critical business operations right from storage to distribution. Samyak’s Terminal Automation System focuses on transforming your business processes through automated control, safety provisions and minimizing execution costs while improving productivity.

The product’s core relies on efficient Data Management through real-time data sharing and automating the process of loading and preloading a wide range of petroleum products like crude oil, refined oil, petroleum gas and more.

Benefits of a Terminal Automation System
Flexibility and Versatility

A TAS supports multiple communication protocols while performing comprehensive polling of remote devices and maintaining real-time data exchange process with both internal and external business functions

Varied Functionality

Focusing on enhanced workflows, our TAS software enables setup of individual operator workstations while maintaining functionality based access levels with uniform information source, and remote access to other operator workstations.

Integration & Compatibility

Samyak’s TAS is compatible with widely used third-party applications to support various communication protocols like OPC, Modbus, IEC etc. to offer hassle-free integration with existing software solutions

Increased Productivity

The Automation System drives on productivity by increasing dispatching accuracy, automating report handling and maintaining a secure and stable environment during the whole process

Features of our Terminal Automation System
  • The software is built on Microsoft Framework 3.5, having a 3-tier architecture system with communication to field devices at the mid-tier.
  • Extensive Database Management with detailed Truck/Tanker Databases and Client Information Database while supporting major RDBMS currently available.
  • For an end to end communication system, our TAS uses Microsoft’s WCF Service, which allows seamless and smooth communication channel
  • Comprehensive and detailed support for all preloading, loading and post-loading operations with minimal use of manual resources
  • Enhanced management comprising of fully automated report generation with time-based reports and error reports handling real-time
  • Detailed Audit Trail Maintenance which automatically logs any abnormal conditions/field events with the proper timestamp to be used in any audit later on
  • Real-time visualization of Terminal Activity via Graphical representation to get an overview of control, graphs and data lines on a single screen
  • A highly scalable system having both single and multiple load point support while interacting with field instruments such as Flow Meters, Weighing Systems
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