Management Team


Sandeep is Vice President at Samyak where he has worked for over 15 years’ experience and expertise in logistics, warehouse, travels and many more industries. He is leading multiple large-scale projects where he also implemented Agile Methodology as head. Apart from that he also oversees managers working on client engagement. Apart from work Sandeep is interested in blog posting and one of the most problem solver in Microsoft website as well.

Parth Gandhi

For over 14 years, Parth has been a noteworthy leader in the logistics space. He acts as the Program line manager for project managers (of projects under the program of work) and provide appropriate guidance, feedback and support to ensure that project managers are supported in delivering individual projects such as within prescribed time frames and funding parameters

Parth ensures that appropriate project controls are in place and project managers are compliant to the Client Project Management Methodology and practice. Apart from his work as a Manager, Parth can also be credited with remarkable contributions to DBA and warehouse in which he has complete expertise. He started his career at Samyak Infotech and has reached to the heights of Manager through sheer hard work and determination.

Rushabh Gandhi

Rushabh joined Samyak in 2009 as the Marketing Executive.

He has expertise in marketing, lead generation, Generate new Business from Existing customer, Convincing & Negotiation, Client communication and Sales support.

His role involves Requirement gathering, communicating with Client, adapt to new concepts and Ideas.
Combine Innovative, resourceful, problem-solver and you get Rushabh. Keen customer centric approach with skills in addressing client priorities & resolving escalations within TAT to attain high business & compliance score. He is capable of capturing voice of customer and converting them to create new solutions while aligning organizational objectives to enhance product effectiveness. He brings business to the company by pitching planned ideas to the prospective customers.

Prior to Samyak, he was the Marketing Executive at Visual Infosoft Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad.

Bhuvan Yagnik

Bhuvan has led an impressive career as a QA Lead and QA in his 12 years working in the logistics, Hospitality, Virtualization and Storage testing, Construction, CRM, Salesforce, Healthcare industries in which he has total expertise. Serving as the QA Lead at Samyak, Bhuvan plays a major role in establishing and evolving formal QA processes, ensuring that the team is using industry accepted best practices.

He oversees all aspects of quality assurance including establishing metrics, applying industry best practices, and developing new tools and processes to ensure quality goals are met. He not only leads and mentors QA team members but also acts as key point of contact for all QA aspects of releases, providing QA services and coordinating QA resources internally and externally. Through his commitment to this role, he has helped Samyak improve efficiency of the whole testing process making it faster and more effective. Apart from this, he also develops and executes test cases, scripts, plans and procedures (manual and automated).

Prior to working for Samyak Infotech, Bhuvan was working for Jekson Vision Pvt. Ltd as a QA lead where he was responsible for Requirement gathering, test case review, deliverables, tasks and resource management, client communication.

Mukund Thakkar

Mukund oversees Logistics and ecommerce at Samyak Infotech. With more than 14 years of professional experience, Mukund has worked on several valuable projects. His expertise and commitment towards his work has allowed him to be recognized as a global leader in logistics. Within Logistics, he has expertise in KSMS and Agent Activity.
He has proven to be an experienced people leader who can demonstrate the ability to inspire and motivate people at all levels. He has a challenging mind-set and demonstrable experience in cultural change and transformation management. Mukund has proven ability to handle complex problems in a structured, fact-based and analytical way. He easily translates top-level strategies/vision into actionable goals and derives program for implementation.
Before joining Samyak Infotech Mukund was working as a Team Leader at Viteb. At Viteb he was responsible for project delivery, team lead and client communication.

Jalshree Bhatt

Jalshree has worked in the logistics industry for 10 years, gaining experience in logistics with expertise in KSMS and flight tracking. As a seasoned Project Leader, she has the ability to multitask and manage multiple medium to large projects with cross-functional stakeholders from inside and outside the organization.

She has detailed knowledge of the following disciplines: project and program delivery, software development life cycle management, portfolio management, change management, application development management, multiple Stakeholder management, and implementation planning and management.

Prior to working with Samyak Infotech she worked as a Programmer at a firm named Crystal Parenterals Ltd where she was doing programming for US health care domain software projects.

Kishore Dhaduk

A developer, team lead, and as a member of the Samyak family, Kishore is known for wearing many hats. From his 11 years of experience in the logistics industry, he can be credited with contribution of resolve the memory leak problem, successful migration from Silverlight to angular JS project of Stability product in his time as Samyak’s dedicated System Architect. Within logistics, Kishore has expertise in Rating & Billing, and Inventory areas.

Kishore has demonstrated a successful track record of project delivery with visible benefits. He has strong leadership skills, can take initiatives to solve problems proactively, and is willing to give extra effort to get the job done. He has a very structured way of working with strong interpersonal and communication skills. Kishore is very adept at change management and his acute customer orientation makes him a very good solution provider as an architect

Prior to working at Samyak, he was working as a Software Engineer at VIPSha where he contributed to develop one new web application and also in less experience he is a part of production deployment. Apart from work, he spends a lot of time doing read new technology, read problems in code project and reply the solution if he has.

Vrutika Shah

Vrutika has led an illustrious career as a Team Lead in her 10 years working in the logistics industry. Serving as the Sr. Team Lead at Samyak, Vrutika plays a major role in application development, program delivery, and warehouse management in which she has prime expertise. Through her commitment to this role, she has helped Samyak improve Employee Teamwork, productivity, and innovation.

Vrutika develops and manages an integrated program plan, proactively managing project interdependencies and issues escalated from project teams. Assesses the evolving direction of the program and its projects, reviewing planned activities and major deliverables, collaborate with stakeholders to achieve strategic plan and business objectives. She collaborates with resource managers to ensure program team resources are allocated in a timely manner. She manages the program and report to relevant stakeholders, including senior IT managers, steering committees and the Program Management Office in a timely manner

Prior to her current role at Samyak, Vrutika worked as a Software Engineer at Samyak Infotech Pvt Ltd, helping out software development division with design, development, and unit testing of the software. Before joining the Samyak team, she was Web Developer at Ahem Management Solution from 2009-2010.

Abhishek Sharma (Asst. QA Lead)

Abhishek is having Over 8 years of experience in QA process and very good understanding for Healthcare and Logistics domains. His expertise in Automation, Manual, API, FTP Process testing and very good hands on expertise over documentation including ISO process. Being Assistant QA Lead he looks after team of six QA and define strategies and participates in requirement gathering and analysis.

As a part of product deliverables, he adheres to Agile process and ensures the quality build gets shipped by maintaining strict quality standards.

Krupa Shah

Krupa works as a Team Lead. She has an extensive experience in the industry automation and logistics domains of 7 years. She is an exemplary developer worthy of her title as a Team Leader. She is a very good at managing people and achieving deadlines. Krupa also keeps in touch with the testing team and continuously takes feedback for herself as well as her team.

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