Check Weighing System

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Our custom Check Weighing System provides accurate weighing of products while rejecting or setting aside products which are over or under a specific weight. Samyak’s Check Weighing System focuses on making your business operations more efficient by improving the accuracy of weighing products/good while still in motion to save on overall time expenditure thus improving productivity.

The product captures images of the product while storing it and actual weight automatically in the application database. This can then be accessed in the form of multiple reports anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of a Check Weighing System
Reduced Costs

Making the process fully automated, our software cuts down on both manpower and other operational costs

Reduced TAT

Tools like high detailed cameras and proximity sensors guide the vehicle drivers to reduce the overall turn Around Time for each truck weighing

No Traffic Congestion

All thanks to our smart and automated software, drivers are assigned proper schedules to reduce the traffic and hence reducing congestion

Features of our Check Weighing System
  • The software is built on Microsoft Platform, having a 3-tier architecture system with communication to field devices at the mid-tier.
  •  Extensive Database Management with detailed Truck/Tanker Databases and Client Information Database while supporting major database management currently available.
  • For an end to end communication system, our TAS uses Microsoft’s WCF Service
  • Comprehensive and detailed support for all preloading, loading and post-loading operations with minimal use of manual resources
  • A highly scalable system having both single and multiple load point support while interacting with various field instruments and Weighing Systems etc.
  • Fully automated weighing systems with the help of UFD and RFID Tags, making the whole process simplified
  • Fully automated process of weighing and loading all managed by drivers with the help of traffic lights, cameras, proximity sensors to make the process efficient
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